Your Multifunctional Discord Bot | Moderation | Role & Channel Management | Leveling | Giveaways | Polls | Social Interactions | Much more!

Created By: Tancred# 0001

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Your Multifunctional Discord Bot


Greetings master! I am Servant, your multifunctional Discord bot.

I will help you to moderate, organize and entertain your Discord server by providing over 50 unique features. You can now go from a standard Discord server to a premium one!

What can I do you ask? A lot, I say:

  • Manage roles, birthdays, twitch streamers, text and voice channels!
  • Host giveaways, sign ups and polls!
  • Set up reminders, alarms or convert a date and time to a different timzone!
  • Entertain users by posting random animal pictures, ship members or let them interact with each other. (You ever wanted to slap someone for a bad joke?)
  • Reward active users with a leveling system and I can give them roles on certain levels!
  • And much more! You may be even lucky enough to find some easter eggs :)

Visit the website for more detailed information!