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The best Pokémon experience you can get on Discord! Catch shiny and legendary! EV train, hatch eggs, battle, train and trade Pokémon!

Created By: Avatar of Iyazo Iyazo# 0001


The most complete Pokémon experience in Discord

No commands to remember

To play just type .menu. Unlike other Discord games you don't need to learn any commands. If you insist though a full list exists, at https://myuu.xyz/commands


A vast amount of end-game options, with a competitive PvP environment built on the latest Gen-7 format.

Level up by chatting

Hit two birds with one stone as your Pokémon will gain XP when you chat with friends.


Travel across routes, trade with friends, hatch eggs and summon legendary Pokémon to complete the Pokédex.

Same account everywhere

Hanging out in a new server lately? No problem you can continue your adventure there.


Level up and EV train your Pokémon. Form your ideal team to be the vey best.

What To Expect

A closer look into Myuu's features

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avatar of Sylk
Sylk 19 days ago

best pokemon game on discord

avatar of Myuu
Myuu 19 days ago

We will keep working on new updates to keep deserving that title, thank you Sylk!

Replying to Sylk

avatar of RDYT
RDYT 20 days ago

A great discord game


avatar of Genshin Impact Player
Genshin Impact Player 21 days ago

this game very good

avatar of Myuu
Myuu 21 days ago

And you are even better!

Replying to Genshin Impact Player

avatar of Spammer
Spammer 19 days ago

This the best pokemon bot on discord. I play it everyday!!

avatar of Myuu
Myuu 19 days ago

Thank you for the kind words! We will keep working on Myuu adding even more advanced and awesome updates!

Replying to Spammer

avatar of Pramatha Bhatt
Pramatha Bhatt 19 days ago

Pretty Casual Pokémon game.. I like how the UI of this game is.. Nice work by Iyazo#0001

avatar of Myuu
Myuu 19 days ago

Thank you Pramatha, I appreciate the sentiment

Replying to Pramatha Bhatt

avatar of ⚡『KingHydra』⚡
⚡『KingHydra』⚡ 17 days ago

This discord pokemon game is awesome! Keep the good work Iyazo!

avatar of Myuu
Myuu 17 days ago

I am most certainly planning to keep doing so. Thank you for supporting and enjoying Myuu, it really is a unique feeling seeing players having fun with it.

Replying to ⚡『KingHydra』⚡

avatar of AnotherPlayerInBucket
AnotherPlayerInBucket 20 days ago

The only bot with actual battle, the rest are pokecord wannabe

avatar of Myuu
Myuu 20 days ago

Even more, ways to extend the battle system of Myuu are about to be added. If you are enjoying battling now, you'll end up loving it later.

Replying to AnotherPlayerInBucket

avatar of ESTsavage
ESTsavage 17 days ago

Hi myuu creator, Iyazo, myuu is awesome, it solve me the cuarentine, but there are implementions that can make the game better like adding megaevolutions, or you can fight legendary pokemons at the end of the region like .fight rayquaza once you pass hoenn or .fight kyogre and you can catch him, and mystery gifts and promocodes that you can get pokemons like latias, but awesome game very good job iyazo!

avatar of Myuu
Myuu 17 days ago

Thank you so much for your kind words! All of the suggestions you mentioned sound like exceptional additions to the game indeed. Sit tight and make sure you follow the announcements channel as some long-worked updates will start getting released! More ways to battle and fight are very soon going to be added.

Replying to ESTsavage

avatar of Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty 16 days ago

I love myuu but I accidentally typed male 4 my character and I was wondering how I could change it to female? btw this bot is awesomeee!!!!


avatar of Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 15 days ago

great game!!! but how do i get pokecoins?


avatar of jhansen
jhansen 22 days ago

A great discord game has a little flaws

avatar of Myuu
Myuu 22 days ago

As always if you wish to see any improvements, you can let us know at Myuu's Official server at discord.gg/myuu in our suggestion channel.

Replying to jhansen

avatar of roro piro
roro piro 17 days ago

es elmejor pokemon de discord


avatar of to meio katiau das ideia
to meio katiau das ideia 16 days ago

this game is awesome but she haves mega?


avatar of 𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔩𝔢𝔶
𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔩𝔢𝔶 14 days ago

Honestly been on myuu for a while and I love it I advise Pokémon beginners to start on myuu :)


avatar of Ailey
Ailey 5 days ago

Easily the best Pokemon bot out there. The only one that delivers a realistic Pokemon experience. It's not trying to be a cheap knock off Pokemon bot, it's the real deal! A must have for any server


avatar of zibra
zibra 20 days ago

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avatar of Myuu
Myuu 20 days ago

Unfortunately, that's not up to us, you can let top.gg know. Myuu has no control over top.gg or the new ads feature.

Replying to zibra

avatar of yeongpin
yeongpin 16 days ago

can i translate it to chinese version?


avatar of rm rf
rm rf 21 days ago

Really love the bot!

avatar of Myuu
Myuu 21 days ago

Myuu loves you back :)

Replying to rm rf

avatar of ☭『ØD̸͌̄ST』☭
☭『ØD̸͌̄ST』☭ 16 days ago

Es muy bueno


avatar of SSS_I_Am_Snek
SSS_I_Am_Snek 14 days ago

This game is so good! I play it every day, and it's still entertaining!