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Security CTF tools. Organize CTF channels and challenges, see information from ctftime.org, use various ciphers, and more!

A discord.py bot focused on providing CTF tools for collaboration in Discord servers (ctftime.org commands, team setup + ctfd integration, utilites, etc)! If you have a feature request, make it a GitHub issue or use the >request "x" command.

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How to Use

If you ever forget a command, use >help!

After inviting to your server, it is recommended that you first configure the categories you want active and archived CTF channels to go into.

  • When you create a ctf, it will by default go into the "CTF" category (it will create one if it is not present), and when you archive a ctf it will go into the ARCHIVE category.
  • You can configure this with >config ctf_category "Category for CTFs" and >config archive_category "Category for Archived CTFs"

CTF Commands

The following commands are the ones you will most likely want to pay attention to, although if you do not expect to use this bot to manage CTFs you can skip this category and go down to CTFTime commands.

  • >ctf create "ctf name" This is the command you'll use when you want to begin a new CTF. This command will make a text channel with your supplied name under the designated CTF category. Must have permissions to manage channels ctf create

NOTE: the following ctf specific commands will only be accepted under the channel created for that ctf. This is to avoid clashes with multiple ctfs going on in the same server.

  • >ctf join/leave Using this command will either give or remove the role of a created ctf to/from you. ctf join/leave

  • >ctf challenge add/working/solved/remove "challenge" Allows users to add or remove challenges to a list, and then set the status of that challenge. Use quotations

  • >ctf challenge list This is the list command that was previously mentioned, it displays the added challenges, who's working on what, and if a challenge is solved (and by who). desc

NOTE: There is shorthand! challenge -> chal/chall, add -> a, working -> w, solved -> s, remove -> r

  • >ctf challenge pull "http(s)://ctfd.url" Pull challenges and their solved states from a CTFd hosted CTF, and add them to your challenges list. Requires the username and password to be set with >ctf setcreds "username" "password"

  • >ctf setcreds "ctfd username" "password" Pin the message of ctf credentials, can be fetched by the bot later in order to use >ctf challenge pull. Credentials are never stored outside of Discord. ctf pull and setcreds

  • >ctf creds Gets the credentials from the pinned message.

IMPORTANT: credentials are never stored outside of the pinned message on Discord. They are needed to pull challenge data and solve state from the CTFd platform.

  • >ctf archive Move the CTF channel into the Archive category. Must have permissions to manage channels

  • >ctf delete Delete the CTF info from the database, and delete the role. Must have permissions to manage channels

CTFtime Commands

  • >ctftime countdown/timeleft Countdown will return when a selected CTF starts, and timeleft will return when any currently running CTFs end in the form of days hours minutes and seconds. enter image description here
    enter image description here

  • >ctftime upcoming <number> Uses the api mentioned to return an embed up to 5 upcoming CTFs. If no number is provided the default is 3. enter image description here

  • >ctftime current Displays any currently running CTFs in the same embed as previously mentioned. enter image description here

  • >ctftime top <year> Shows the ctftime leaderboards from a certain year (dates back to 2011). enter image description here

Utility Commands

  • >help Returns the help page

  • >magicb filetype Returns the mime and magicbytes of your supplied filetype. Useful for stegonography challenges where a filetype is corrupt.

  • >rot "a message" Returns all 25 possible rotations for a message.

  • >b64 encode/decode "message" Encode or decode in base64 (at the time of writing this, if there are any unprintable characters this command will not work, this goes for all encoding/decoding commands).

  • >b32 encode/decode "message" Encode or decode in base32

  • >binary encode/decode "message" Encode or decode in binary.

  • >hex encode/decode "message" Encode or decode in hex.

  • >url encode/decode "message" Encode or decode with url parse. This could be used for generating XSS payloads.

  • >reverse "message" Reverse a message.

  • >counteach "message" Count the occurrences of each character in the supplied message.

  • >characters "message" Count the amount of characters in your message.

  • >wordcount a test Counts the amount of words in your message (don't use quotations).

  • >cointoss Get a 50/50 cointoss to make all your life's decisions.

  • >request/report "a feature"/"a bug" Dm's the creator (nullpxl#3928) with your feature/bug request/report.

Have a feature request? Make a GitHub issue or use the >request command.

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