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Did you ever find out someone on your server was a cheater in-game, or otherwise? Did you ever find out someone on your server has been banned for cheating before?

What if you no longer had to worry about that? What if you had a simple(But effective) method of dealing with cheats as well as helping the community as a whole?

Hi, I made GlobalBans for one simple reason, It's useful, and I couldn't find anything similiar to it out there, sure there are bots keep track of bans it has made, but I have not seen one dedicated solely to the purpose of keeping the community clean of cheaters. The bot only has 8 commands in total.

1 - setlog - This command is optional, since only people you allow are able to use the command, a logging channel seemed logical. It sets a channel to the default message channel, where all bot messages will go.

2 - getlog - This command is completely just to test whether you set it to the right channel.

3 - ban - This command will ban a user from your server and add a ban to their 'User profile'.

4 - addban - This command is incase you already have a bot to ban a user, this will add a ban to their 'User Profile' without actually banning them from the server.

5 - fetch - This command will fetch a 'User Profile' of the selected target, and respond with a list of bans. If the ban list is over 3, it will private message you with a complete list.

5.5 - fetch - This is an addon to the previous command, where you can find out who banned the user and on what server simply by inputting the ban number at the end of the command.

6 - addPermission - This gives selective access to the addban,ban and fetch commands, by default only the server owner has access to all commands.

7 - removePermission - This removes selective access to the addban,ban and fetch commands, both the above command and this one, is Server Owner Only.

8 - help - This will fetch a complete list of commands.

8.5 - help - This will give you information on a specific command, including a description, Aliases, and an example of how to use the command.

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