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A common bot, with common & Exclusive Features. But all in the one place. No need to have 100 Bots when you've got Neko Chan


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Neko Chan

Neko Chan

I made Neko Chan with little to no coding experience, I grew tired of having different Discord Bots to do other things so I choose to just combine them into one. But enough about the boring stuff.

You can forward any Suggestions or Issues to the Support Server.


  • Merging Game - Pretty sure we are the first Discord Bot to have this type of game! Come try out
  • Interactions
  • Moderation & Logging
  • Games / RPG System
  • Leveling and Economy
  • Pet & Pet Battle System


You can see Neko Chan’s Commands by using the command nya!help
Additional Commands
nya!help, nya!admin help, nya!rpg help

Command Description Usage
Profile This will bring up a small profile on yourself or another player. nya!profile (@User)
Reminder Allows you to set a reminder, Neko Chan will DM you once the time is over. (0d 0h 0m 0s). nya!reminder [text] in [time]
Balance This command allows you to see how many coins you have in and out of your bank. nya!balance
Pay This command along with `@person` will pay that person the amount selected. nya!pay [@User]
Daily Once a day, use this command to get a bonus amount of coins. Can be used for yourself or another. nya!daily (@User)
Shop This command will bring up the list of shops. There are six different shops. nya!shop (number)
Leaderboard This brings up a list of all the commands for the leaderboards. Be active to make the lists! nya!leaderboard (type)
Pet View Check your Neko pet out. You can view their stats here. nya!pet
Lucky Guess Pick a number between 1 and 117. Guess right you get all the coins from the server vault. nya!lucky guess [number]
Blackjack The card game. If you win, you can double your coins. Max bid 50k. nya!blackjack [number]
Open Lootbox Brings up a list of all the lootboxes you have collected from the RPG. nya!open [type] (number)
Poke Feel like poking someone? Then poke them. nya!poke [@User]
Cookie Give someone a cookie! You can only do this once every day. nya!cookie [@User]
Cat Neko will show you random cat images. Cute kitties. nya!cat
Dog Neko will show you random dog images. Cute puppies. nya!dog
Goose Neko will show you random geese images. Yes a flock of geese. nya!goose
Lizard Neko will show you random lizard images. How many are there? nya!lizard
Throw Cake Throw cake in someone's face. That cake isn't a lie! nya!throw cake [@User]
Pan -Wack- A pan to the face. nya!pan [@User]
Pat A nice pat on the head. All Nekos love a good pat. nya!pat [@User]
Kiss Give another player a kiss. How romantic! nya!kiss [@User]
Spank So you know someone that's been naughty? Spank them! nya!spank [@User]
Hug Free Hugs! Hug everyone. nya!hug [@User]
Slap Oof, that's gonna leave a mark. nya!slap [@User]
Work Using this command and get paid, just like a real job. nya!work
Propose Ask someone to marry you. You can view who you are engaged with on the Detailed profile. nya!propose [@User]
Marry Marry the person you're engaged too. You both need to pay for the Wedding. nya!marry [@User]
Divorce So you and your VR partner want a divorce? Well this is the command. nya!divorce [@User]
Many more commands to find!

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