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Thé economy, challenges & chatgames bot! Foccuses on innovating your discord experience with unique, fun & useful commands


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Pepe Bot

Balanced Economy

Pepe Bot uses "Pepe Bot", one of the strongest currencies out there!
  • Gambling commands: coinflip, slots, roulette, lottery..
  • 40+ Challenges
  • Buy/sell roles in servers (or set as free to use as selfroles)
  • Fun ways to earn "Pepos"
  • Investing (soon)
  • & so much more


Integrated with its economy and challenges, Pepe Bot offers chatgame channels, to give a little extra spark to your server! It invented "countingchannels", and has a lot more chatgames coming soon!

Useful, fun & Pepe Commands

Pepe Bot offers so much more, like an "attention" command to rename attention-seekers in your server or a "crypto" command to look at the current price of the most important cryptocurrencies in your own currency!

With daily active development, it's not worth writing everything here because so much is being added so fast. Pepe Bot has about 60 commands right now and keeps expanding!

For more info, read our quick-start guide here: & join our massive community to learn more!

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