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A multi-purpose bot that has A LOT of features from moderation, economy to search commands!


> or mention (customizable)




MUSIC UPDATE RELEASE! (early testing)

Patch notes: Progression: IMPORTANT NOTES - These commands are basic, and isn't recommended for using it as only music bot. - Live videos are not supported. - Stage channels are not supported YET. Will be added at late patch. - Queue limit is 7 FOR NOW. Will be 20+ in full patch. - Volume command isn't available right now, might be not implemented. - Music permissions will be in a seperate version (probably next one). For now, if you don't want everyone to use music commands, just disable the command. This is early testing and please report bugs with >reportbug command if you find one. Or join the offical server.


This is a bot that has over 50+ commands with lots of features!

If we go through some command categories,

Search Category: reddit, covid19, gif, image, lyrics, news, translate, urban, weather, youtube

Moderation Category: ban, clear, cooldown, kick, leveling, lock, modmail, mute, presidenttalk, say, serverconfig, unban, unlock, unmute, warn, warns, welcomerole

Currency & Ranks Category: currency, buy, daily, give, inventory, job, leaderboard, profile, rank, rich, sell, shop, use, work

Music Category (NEW & TESTING): disconnect, loop, nowplaying, pause, play, queue, queueremove, resume, skip, stop

Fun Category: 8ball, bio, choose, guessnumber, lovematch, rps

Guild Category: feedback, report, serverinfo

Info Category: avatar, help, module, ping, whois

Misc Category: editsnipe, snipe, ultrasnipe

Bot Related Category: botinfo, botsuggestion, disablecommand, enablecommand, invite, prefix, reportbug, updates

If you want to use loggers you can use >serverconfig command. In serverconfig command, you can set logger channel. And there are some guild command features which is "feedback" and "report" commands. You also set those channels in serverconfig command. So they can report people in the guild. Or give their feedback to admins/mods about something.

There can be issues about a command or something sometimes. If you find a bug/issue you can use >reportbug command or contact discord server. If you want to give me a suggestion you can use >botsuggestion command. Bot is open to any suggestions!

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