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Moderation, logging and fun. What about stock and crypto-currency data? I also have a levelling system so start typing!

All commands listed can be found by doing //help. Some commands will not be accessible depending on your permissions or depending on whether you are in a NSFW channel.

Constantly being improved/fixed. If you get an "I don't know what you did error", chances are it will be fixed by the end of the day, ain't that swell?



//AFK - Set yourself to be AFK, people will be told you are AFK when they mention you

//Archive X - Archive X messages in the current channel, a JSON file can be downlaoded with all the details

//Avatar - Get a user's profile picture for...research

//CustomCommands - Create custom commands (//CC)

//Goodbye #Channel - set a goodbye channel for VB Bot to wish traveller's on their journey

//Help - generates a list of commands or if you enter a command, it explains it a tad more

//NickHist - nickname history of either you or someone you mention

//Rank - Your current rank as determined by VB Bot's ranking system

//RankLeaderboard - Compete against your fellow server members for most time wasted on the server (//Leaderboard)

//LevelMessage - Change the rank up message (//LM)

//LevelNotify - change where/if you get the rank up message (//LN)

//LevelReset - Sets a user's XP to zero. Salt ensues.

//LevelReward - Set a role to be assigned if a user reaches a certain rank

//NoBot - Stops VB Bot sending messages in a certain channel

//Star - set a star limit and a channel. If a message recieves the specified amount of :star: reacts, the message is logged in the specified channel

//SelfAssign - Create a list of roles that users can assign themself to (//SA)

//Welcome - Like goodbye, but you aren't salty about them

//Whois - Get user information


//AutoAssign - Assign a role when a user joins

//Ban - Ban a user, optional reason

//IDBan - ban a user who isn't on the server so they are banned as soon as they join, optional reason

//Kick - kick a user, optional reason

//Log - create a log channel so VB Bot can warn you of any suspicious activity

//LogConfig - Configure //Log so you see what you need to see (//LC)

//Mute - Mute a user in text channels

//MuteHist - View how many times xXSpicyWeinerXx69 has been muted (a lot)

//MuteJoin - Mute a user as soon as they join, good during raids, bad long term strategy

//MutesActive - See who is currently muted

//Purge X - delete X amount of messages

//Raid - toggle, if the user doesn't have a manage messages permission, their message is deleted instantly

//Server - Server information

//Unmute - Unmute a user


//8ball - Ask Mage VB Bot a 100% scientifically proven to be always accurate sweat 8 ball question

//Ascii - Enter some text and watch the big boi text appear

//Clapback - It 👏 does 👏 this 👏

//Dice X - Role an X sided dice

//DisenchantText - Converts Minecraft text to English (//DT)

//EnchantText - Converts English to Minecraft text (//ET)

//EasterEgg - heh

//Flip - flip a coin

//HungerGames - KantMiss Evershot and Peter Griffin simulator

//Mock - WhAt ThE fUcK dId YoU jUsT sAy To Me, YoU lIl ShIt, enter a message and mock someone

//OwO - sigh yep this exists aswell, enter a message

//Ship X Y - Ship two people, you and a car, a ship and another ship. I don't judge

//Slap @user - slap someone

//Temmie - Like all other text commands but worse, enter a message

//Textwall - Hard to explain but try it (//TW)


//cat - sends a random cat picture

//Dog - sends a random dog picture

//Crypto X - Get a crypto currency's information

//Reddit X - Get a random reddit post from the sub X (//R)

//Stock - Enter a security's symbol to see information on it

//Stawpoll - creates a strawpoll (Please use //help strawpoll as it requires a certain format!)

//Subreddit - Get a subreddit's information (//Sub)

//XKCD - There's one for every occasion

//XKCDLatest - Get the most recent XKCD

//XKCDAuto - set a channel where new XKCDs are automatically posted

VB Exchange 2.0

//Buy - Buy shares in a company using their simple (eg Apple is APPL)

//Sell - Sell your stock in a certain company

//Stocks - List your shares and the profits (or losses :/)


//FastForward - skips to a certain time FORMAT: hh:mm:ss (//FF)

//Leave - Leave the voice channel

//NowPlaying - see what's playing (//NP)

//Pause - Pause the playing

//Play - play something

//Queue - See what's in the queue (//Q)

//Skip - skip the current song

//Stop - stop the entire queue

//Unpause - unpause the player


//Balance - Displays your current VB Coin balance (//BAL)

//BlackJack - Play blackjack against VB Bot (//BJ)

//BlackJackClear - Clear any active games in the current channel that's blackjack (//BJClear)

//BlackJackStats - See your win/lose stats for blackjack (//BJStats)

//DailyReward - Get your daily VB$1000 (claim daily for more!) (//claim) (//daily)

//Give - give someone some of your coins

//RussianRoulette - Play russian roulette with your peers. Requires at least two people. (//RR)

//RussianRouletteClear - Clear any russian roulette games in the current channel (//RRClear)

//RussianRouletteStats - See your russian roulette stats (//RRStats)


//Bastard - See how many times people have messed up commands

//CheckPermissions - Check what permsissions the bot has

//WhatsNew - VB Bot is being updated constantly, check out what's new


Long commands probably have been shortened (//RussianRoulette = //RR) so use //help (command) to find the shortened ones!

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