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A partner bot that automatically partners your server every hour. The most efficient partner bot on the market.

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Automator Bot

Automator bot is a the best and easiest automatic partnership available now! Simple do the one command setup and your bot will advertise you hourly, and you will receive one ad in return!

Why Automator?:

  • One command setup!

  • A total member count of 500,000!

  • Simple and clean design using embedded messages!

  • No spam! You get one ad per hour, no pings, no nonsense

How to use:

  • Invite the bot

  • Do -setup

  • Answer the questions

  • Watch as you gain more members!

Are you serious about growth?

Awesome! Check out our available growth packages at https://www.thediscordexperts.com

Our Results

  • Insane: 1200 members gained

  • The Discord Experts: 800 members gained

  • Infinity: 400 members gained

  • Xbox Clan: 200 gained

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Legend. 11 days ago

Nice Bot