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Moderation and Logging Utilities, early in development!






via circle icon is just a baby!

Primary Features!

  • Moderation Commands
  • Logging, and more!
    • Store all your information in one place, logs are currently being improved, but right now there is a great selection of logs to choose from, set channels with the v!set command!

via is in the earliest possible stages of development, but changes are always being made!
If you would like YOUR suggestion implemented, simply join the support server and make the suggestion!

It will be implemented VERY soon!

Command List:

  • v!help - Full list of usage and commands.
  • v!clear [NUMBER] - Clears up to 100 messages at a time.
  • v!kick [MEMBER] - Removes a member from the server.
  • v!ban [MEMBER] - Bans a member from the server.
  • v!softban - Kicks a member and deletes their messages.
  • v!set - Sets a channel purpose.
    • Voice Channel Logging
    • Text Channel Logging (Messages)
    • Member Join Logging
    • Member Leave Logging

More features can be added as soon as today! Just join the support server as soon as possible!
Let's work together to make this bot our bot!

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