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Generate a booster from any set in Magic's history to discuss and practice firstpicks for drafts.






Magic: The Gathering

!p1p1 setcode

Setcode is the 3 letter tag that is printed in the bottom left on newer Magic cards. Dominaria f.ex has setcode DOM, Core set 2019 has setcode M19 etc.

!p1p1 paupercube

the paupercube command generates a booster pack from the cube created by Adam Styborski -

!p1p1 ct id

The ct command can be used to generate a booster from any cube hosted on, the id should be replaced by the id of the cube. The id can be found in the url on cubetutor when browsing the cube.

The bot is using Scryfall to get setdata and links

Star Wars Destiny

!p1p1swd setcode

Setcode is the 2-3 letter tag that is used for each set. Way of the Force f.ex has setcode WotF, Awakenings has setcode aw etc. To find which sets are available, check - The bot is using their api to get card data and images.

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