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A discord bot that adds some image processing commands and a securi






$n!ffB0T is a discord bot that has a full fledged username checking system what automatically bans users if they have a discord invite, twitch, twitter, instagram or youtube links along with offensive terms. It also has image processing commands like swirl, wave, glowing edges, etc.

$n!ffB0T Username Validation™
$n!ffB0T security™ automatically bans users with the afformentioned links or offensive terms in their username. Aswell as automatically banning users who do violate the bots checks, the bot can log these violations to either the guild owner's dms or in a certain channel in the server.

$n!ffB0T Imaging™
$n!ffB0T Imaging™ adds imaging commands like swirl, wave, cropping, blending, inverting and more! all you need to do is to run the image command and either provide an image link or attach only 1 image.

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