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Welcome to the "Bump Central" Documentation! Bump Central is here to help you grow your server by using its advertising commands! Here you can find information about commands and how to properly use the bot!

Getting Started

With "BC" all you have to do is ~bumpset desc <your description> ~bumpset invite <channel mention> after that you can bump your server and some other things by using following command ~help or read about them below! Also you can support us and get the cool autobump feature in return.

Upvoting us gives you a 10 minute cooldown on the bump command


This is a list of some commands, to see the full version just type ~help on Discord.

Command Description Usage
~bump Bumps your server No Parameters
~bumpset channel Sets a channel to receive bumps from the bod reducing your bump cooldown. Creates invite for the channel that was mentioned channel mention
~bumpset rmchannel Removes the set bump channel and increases the bump cooldown No Parameters
~bumpset desc Sets description your description
~bumpset invite Create and set invite for the mentioned channel. If channel not provided creates invite for the channel command was used in channel mention
~bumpset banner Set server banner banner url
~server View information on a server No Parameters
~stats Display Bot Stats No Parameters
~ping Get Bot latency No Parameters
~invite Shows links to add bot and our support server No Parameters
~help Shows help command No Parameters
~upvote Shows upvote link to DBL No Parameters
~store BumpCoin store No parameters
~balance Check how many BumpCoins you have No Parameters
~giftcoins Gift BumpCoins to another user User ID ammount



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