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Monitor your FiveM (GTA Online) Server with FiveM Bot.


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FiveM Discord Bot - Monitor your FiveM Server easily.

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All New FiveM Monitor Functionality - it tells you when your FiveM Server goes online/offline!


No Advanced Setup Required!

FiveM Bot is a discord bot by Zua that makes monitoring your FiveM server easily.


  1. Invite the bot
  2. In any channel, type $set <serverAddress:Port> (example: $set
  3. The Bot is now setup, do $help to see all the commands


$help Sends Help Embed

$set <serverAddress:withPort> - Sets the IP of the FiveM Server for the bot

$players - Gets the current player list of a server

$info - Gets all information of a server

$hide - Enables/disables (toggles) server IP address from being shown in bot messages

$find <username> - Finds a user that is on the server via Username

$id <id> - Finds a user that is on the server via Server ID

$status - Checks the current status of the server

$status - Checks if the server is online

$stats - Checks bot statistics

$forum - Checks the current categories on

$forum <category> - Displays the latest topics in the respective category on

$forum search <search terms> - Searches terms on

$forum user <username> - Displays user's profile info on

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$save-log <person's server id> - Saves a player's information

$get-log - Gets a player's information (per guild)

$monitor set <#channel> - Sets a channel to send updates about the status of your FiveM Server in real-time

$monitor - Sends monitor help information.

$monitor toggle - Enables/disables (toggles) real-time updates being sent to the specified channel

$monitor mode update - Change monitor mode to update - where the bot will send you updates every 13 minutes. [Demonstration]

$monitor mode default - Change monitor mode to default - where the bot will send you updates whenever your server goes offline/online (state change). [Demonstration]

$rcon help - Sends RCON help information.

$rcon set <rcon_pwd> - Sets the guild's RCON server password

$rcon <query_commands> - Executes an RCON Command remotely to your FiveM Server.


Tutorial or Click Here Note this is a bit out of date.

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Error Solution Example
Error: Invalid URI Set the FiveM server URL correctly: No <> symbols and no spaces between the port and No http:// $set
FetchError: invalid json response body [...] reason: Unexpected token in JSON Please use your direct IP address, not the shortened URL DO NOT: $set <- that is not your IP, INSTEAD DO: $set <- using your own IP

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