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This birthday bot announces your birthday in every mutual server you have with it. Check out upcoming/recent birthdays in a server and more!


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A Brief Introduction

This bot is meant for announcing birthdays.
Birthdays are announced in every server which the user shares with the bot.
The announcement message is an embed that includes your name/nick, avatar, and optionally, your age.

Get Started

  1. Add the bot to your server
  2. Add your birthday. Type ~birthday . We recommend you to do this through DM, since birth dates are sensitive information.
  3. Set your time zone. Type ~timezone
  4. If you don't want your age to appear in your future birthday announcements, type ~hide_age. To cancel this, type ~show_age.
  5. Set the server's birthday announcement channel. Type ~channel . This command requires you to have the administrator permission.
  6. Done.

Additional Features

  • See upcoming birthdays in your server (up to 30 days from now). Type ~upcoming.
  • See recent birthdays in your server (up to 30 days ago). Type ~recent.
  • See birthdays in a specific month. Type ~birthdays.
  • See the statistics of your server (e.g. birthday count). Type ~stats.
  • See general info about the bot. Type ~info.


  • The birthday announcement channel has to be a channel where the bot has the permission to send messages, and it cannot be a NSFW marked channel.
  • Birthdays are announced at 12AM, according to the time zone.

That's it, have fun with the bot!

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