A discord bot that bridges the gap between players and recruiters


A discord bot that shows gamestats of potential esport recruitees.

Made by:

Anirudh Emmadi

Rohith Karkala

Darshan Bhatta

Nicholas Tindle

Kanna Bot Logo

Version 1.0.0


It's pretty straight forward to use the bot. Invite the bot, and type .help to view all the available commands.

Follow this link to invite the bot:

Invite eRecruit to your Server!



  • .help : Lists all available commands
  • .issue : To report issues with bots

Game Stats


  • .fn <epic-username [platform pc/xbl/psn] : Shows lifetime stats of user. Example: .fn Ninja pc
  • .fn <epic-username> [platform pc/xbl/psn] {mode all/season} : Shows Solo/Duo/Squad stats (all) and Season Solo/Duo/Squad stats (season). Example: .fn Ninja pc season
  • .fn drop : Randomly picks a spot on the fortnite map


  • .ow <username#battleTag> [platform pc/psn/xbl] : Shows profile stats of user. Example: .ow Finnsi#2664 pc
  • .ow <username#battleTag> [platform pc/psn/xbl] top/heroes : Shows Top 5 hero stats of user. Example: .ow Finnsi#2664 pc top

League of Legends

  • .lol <region> <summoner-name> : Shows the profile overview of user. Example: .lol na parrot15


  • .profile create player : To create a player profile

  • .profile create recruiter : To create a recruiter profile

  • .profile set [fn, ow, csgo, lol, descrip, color, footer] {username or text} : To set details about a player profile.

  • .profile set [school, contact , scholarship, esports, social, descrip, color, footer] {username or text} : To set details about a recruiter profile

  • .profile sample player : To see a sample player profile

  • .profile sample recruiter : To see a sample recruiter profile

1st Place Winners of Gamechangers Hackathon 2018