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Hello, I'm Jarvis, I have a complete music system with Youtube and live radio 24/7, commands for customizing Discord servers and Games.

Created By: Hijazi# 0001

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

Jarvis © is smart and hands-on, with many commands for setting up Discord servers, punishment commands are always under review for precision corrections.we will have new comedy commands to elicit several laughter from Jarvis! Users, we recently deployed the DataBase in jarvis and new customizable commands such as logconfig and setprefix are already 100% operational as well as the welcome commands and byebye, jarvis receives weekly updates always aiming for corrections and modifications to leave the use of this bot the best possible experience! please always vote here to have your feedback and to know if I am progressing, I thank all users of jarvis ©.

HijaZi # 6717