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Community token platform.




Create your own tokens with this exciting new bot! Monetize your discords, create trading activity, reward people for their activity, use tokens for organization!

All of this is now at your fingertips with memobot, simply invite it to your server and get creating!

This bot is also a companion for discordtip send it a tip to receive more FF!

Creating a token is the only process that has a deduction process, for rate limiting so that people dont pollute the name space, you will have to accumulate 1 FF to create your own token.

Make yourself a token &create tokenname

to issue tokens type &issue @username amount tokenname

to send tokens type &send @username amount tokenname

to make a trade offer type (you can trade any token for any token)

&offer amount tokenname amount tokenname

to list the available offers that you can afford, type:


you will receive a dm, you can click on the šŸ†— emojis to accept offers.

for example &send @nyancat 2 TOK

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