Ratbot The goal of the project is quite simple: deploy a fun coin that will ever infest your life.

Tip-bot is a Discord bot that allows Discord users to easily tip each other in cryptocurrencies.

Tip-bot is meant to be as easy to use as possible.

Most users are only going to need two commands

One command for depositing cryptocurrencies to Tip-bot's walletand one command for tipping.

To get started, write .help in a server where Tip-bot is present in channel #rat-bot

bot commands

.b - check [balance]

.reg - [register] for this bot

.w [address] [amount] - withdraw

.tip rat [amount] [user] - tip to username

.rain rat [amount] create rain only active users in this server

.d - [create] or view deposit [addr]

.reset - set [0] you total [stake] statistics

.faucet faucet [reward]

.fb view [server] faucet balance

.donate sum [donate] to faucet balance

Tips occur immediately and off-blockchain

When you tip a person an amount equal

to the tip is removed from your balance

and added to that persons balance.

Tip-bot is hosted on a dedicated server

secured with a random-character password and Two Factor Authentication.

This ensures high uptime and excellent

safety for the funds deposited with Tip-bot.

Certain features have been implemented to minimize the risk of using Tip-bot.

Thorough event logging

Secure command parsing

Command throttling

Spam attack banning

Direct error reports to the developers

SQL input sanitization

Tip-bot has been thoroughly tested

and is so far working perfectly.

Anyone can [withdraw] their crypto at any time with the

command .[w] address amount. Before the withdrawal is executed, you are presented with an overview of the withdrawal information for you to accept.

The Coin Info


Algo: Scrypt POS / POW

Max coin supply: 90,000,000,000

Premine percent: 1%

PoS percentage: 225

Coinbase maturity: 10 blocks

Target spacing: 1 minute

Target timespan: 1 block

Transaction confirmations: 10 blocks

Pow 7 coins per block till block 200k