The best Fortnite: Save The World discord bot in town.

See-Bot sees all things Save The World, bringing you:

  • Daily Mission Updates
    • Know when there's V-Bucks, Legendary/Mythic survivors, and other valuble rewards!
  • Daily Llama Updates
    • Find out if it's worth wasting V-Bucks on today's llama (it probably isn't!)
  • Free Llama Updates
    • Want to know when a free llama appears in the shop for an hour? Now's your chance!
  • Event/Weekly Shop Updates
    • Find out what to spend your gold on this week with real time shop updates.
  • Live Twitter Feed
    • Get your Twitter fix from @FortniteGame and @FortniteStatus (sorry, there's no way to filter the tweets to be stw only)
  • Live Trello feed from the Save The World and General Trello categories
    • Keep track of Epic Games' progress on fixing bugs in the game in real time!
  • Live Reddit feed from /r/Fortnite
    • Stalk the Epic Games community managers even more by seeing what they comment/post on the developer supported subreddit.
  • Ability to link your Epic Games Profile
    • Take your Fortnite profile to discord to make it easier for others to add you.
  • Fortnite: Save the World profile snapshots
    • Show off your progress in Save The World with a rich-embed full of your profile details, including: SSD progress, challenge banner progress, survivor squads, and more.
  • Flex Your Fish
    • Show off your biggest and best catches in Battle Royale with the fish command

And more features being added all the time!

*For a more detailed list of features use the !commands command (or visit the website by clicking here).