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Purchase businesses and earn money offline to work your way up to becoming a Discord Capitalist Tycoon!


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Start from the bottom, purchasing Pizza Shops to get your tycoon off the ground! Slowly increase your income to earn huge amounts of money offline, and unlock more businesses to grow your empire. Once you have reach the top of society, prestige and start over with boosts to accelerate your growth and continue to make ridiculous amounts of money while you sleep, all ready for you to come back and spend it all!

Growing your Empire

  • Purchase a variety of businesses, from a Pizza Shop all the way up to an Oil Company and Airport!
  • Collect income every minute and continue to purchase businesses as you increase your income.
  • Research your businesses to gain income boosts!
  • Complete daily tasks to earn rewards!
  • Collect and open Briefcases to get different prizes!


  • Prestige to earn Prestige Points, which can be used to purchase multipliers for your next run!
  • This will allow you to progress faster and faster, increasing your income exponentially!
  • Earn coins which will give you permanent multipliers or time warps!
  • Receive Briefcases which you can open with a chance to get cash, coins, multipliers, or businesses!

Join a Corporation

  • Team up with other players to unlock more multipliers and boosts!
  • Levelup your Corporation to unlock more member and upgrade slots!
  • Compete on Corporation leaderboards!


  • As you prestige, continue unlocking new businesses to grow!
  • Expand out of this world, with a Moon Colony!
  • Unlock totally new businesses on the Moon, but make sure to purchase plenty of Life Support Units to keep it operating!

Basic Commands

$help View all commands and get a DM with more info
$start Start your empire!
$tutorial Use the tutorial to get started!
$p View your account
$b View available businesses to purchase
$c View your cooldowns

All Commands

General help start tutorial prefix invite support ping
Account profile businesses business buy cost income collect cooldowns tasks shop research warps daily vote claim briefcases open remind give
Leaderboards leaderboard incomelb prestigelb

Use `$start` to get started, or `$help` to view more information!

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