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A Minecraft themed Idle bot with tons of unique features such as pets, dimensions, rebirths, prestiges and much more!


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Idle Miner

My default prefix is ;
But you can change this with ;prefix
If you ever get stuck, you can tag me to get help.
I have a ;help command which will show you all my commands.
You'll have to use ;start at first to setup your profile.


To start off your adventure use ;start, then your brave miner will venture down into the mines. Use ;backpack to see what your miner has dug up, you can sell the blocks in your backpack with ;sell
Money is used to ;upgrade your backpack and pickaxe. The more you upgrade the better they get. Your backpack will get bigger and your pickaxe will get faster.
Your backpack/pickaxe will evolve when reaching certain levels. You can use ;evolutions to get a list of all evolutions.


You can use ;hunt for a chance to get a pet! Each pet has it's own power.
If you're unlucky and didn't get a pet, you will get shards instead! ;shards these are used for upgrading your pets.
To upgrade pets use ;upgrade name, name being the name of the pet you want to upgrade. Upgrading pets will increases their power. You can use ;pets help to get a list of all pets and their powers.


;quiz is a questions based game that rewards you if you answer correct, these questions are minecraft related!
With ;coinflip you can flip a coin and bet on the outcome!
I also have a slot machine which you can bet on! ;slots


You have a bunch of ;kits which you can claim to earn crates!
;crates will reward you with boosters and shards.
;boosters give you a temporary power-up.


As you reach certain amounts of blocks broken, you will level up which will reward you with better mines!
Use ;mine to see your current mine.


Once you get the last backpack & pickaxe evolution you unlock ;rebirth
This will reset your balance, level, backpack and pickaxe. But you'll earn 10% more when selling!
Every 3 rebirths you will unlock a new dimension! These dimensions will have blocks that sell for more money.
You can view all dimensions with ;dimensions


Once you get to rebirth 25 + the last backpack & pickaxe evolution you'll unlock ;prestige
Prestiging will reset EVERYTHING but you will get 1 prestige token which you can spend in ;prestigeshop on permanent upgrades.


Once you get to rebirth 1 you unlock the ability to create your own guild. You can invite others to this guild. The guild will track the total amount of rebirths that it's members have achieved.
All guild members will be rewarded with a sell buff. The higher the total rebirth of the guild, the higher the sell buff will be.
You can view a list of all guild commands with ;guild help

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I love Minecraft, And discord bots, and things that taste good. very tasty bot


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Ze Cat
Ze Cat

really neat


cool bot

Deleted User
Deleted User

Can you guys add a black/whitelist channel to this bot, so that we can only have it only on one or (if we want to) more channels.

Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer

I love Idle miner you can have much fun with him. but there is only 1 problem i dont know how to equip pets


Best Bot! I Love This Minecraft Bot XD!


Its so cool, i recomend it