Holo it's a smart bot which handles moderation, logging and games and can do all of them in the same time

Default prefix for the bot is z- Use z-help to view full commands list.


Administrations ban emoji lockdown lockdown logging purge role settings mute unban unmute welcome
Core help stats vote invite
Economy background balance blackjack dailies fish gamble level loot profile rep roulette setinfo slots steal transfer work
Fun 8ball achievement beautiful belikebill clapify connect4 divorce hangman hug hungergame kemonomimi marry mathquiz meme neko nekoholo nobully owo pat ratewaifu rem roast say ship slap tictactoe trivia
Music lyrics nowplaying pause play queue repeat resume seek shuffle skip soundcloud stop unqueue volume
Utility afk avatar emojilist hastebin hypesquad inviteleaderboard osu ping reminder roleinfo serverinfo unscramble userinfo