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The Weather Bot

A nice easy to use bot that will show you the weather anywhere, anytime!

Currently the bot is in it's really new development stages but we have some really cool planned things!
Currently you can:
-Get current weather based on ZipCode
-Get 5 day forecast based on ZipCode
Very limited I know. But like I said new things will be coming soon!


@Weather [zipcode] : Gives user current information about the weather in that location
@Weather f [zipcode] : Gives user a 5 days forecast in that location
@Weather name [city/town] [state/country] : Gives forecast based on location name instead of zip
@Weather credits : Gives credits of the bot (users that helped make/designed the bot)
@Weather stats : Gives statistics of the bot
@Weather invite : Gives link to invite the bot
@Weather help : Displays a help menu like this one
@Weather support : Send an invite link to the support server

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Vodoinstalater 9 days ago

Can it be changed to celsius or am I just blind ?