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Dead simple bot to play sound themes when user connect to voice channel!








Welcome to Announcer's Help Guide

What is Announcer?

When you're connected to voice from mobile device, Discord does not play user connect/disconnect notification sounds. That's where Announcer comes in handy.
It will make announcements with user name in voice channel when someone connects or disconnects. It is also helpful when you're playing games or streaming and you want to know who connects/disconnects from your voice channel.

Can I customise default announcement sounds?

Yes you can set two types of announcement sound with Announcer, tts or predefined sound themes. You can also customise different sound themes for specific users in your server.
Below are examples to set custom announcement for users on connect. Where @user is optional. You can find all the available custom sound themes here

  • Example 1: set tts message for user or everyone - /setconnect {user} joined voice @user
  • Example 2: set sound theme for user or everyone - /setconnect 12 @user /setconnect themeId @user
  • Setup guide video

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