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Anti-Raid Discord bot. Protects your server from common raid tactics, text/mention spam, discord invites, and more.




Aiden ˞˞

Aiden ˞˞

Why Our Bot? This bot features automoderation, along with normal moderation that is able to quickly supress Discord raids. All of the individual features of this bot can be toggled on and off using the r!preferences command.

Command Usage
r!help Displays the help menu.
r!ping Displays the bot's ping to Discord.
r!warn {@user} [reason] Warns a specified user.
r!warnings [@user] Displays the number of warnings a user currently has.
r!resetwarnings Clears all warnings for all users on the server.
r!preferences [preference] [setting] Displays settings / Changes specified setting.
r!resetpreferences Sets all server preferences to default.

{} --> Argument is required. [] --> Argument is optional.

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