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A bot dedicated to Levels, XP, Rankings and Statistics.

Created By: Avatar of Linck01 Linck01# 1086

ActivityRank (ar!)

lightweight bot for activity stats, levels and XP. All main features are free with only a few quality-of-life or cosmetics options for premium users.

With ActivityRank you can

  • Track users activity for all channels on your server.
  • Use 4 different ways to get XP: Voice, Text, Bonus or Upvotes.
  • Filter and order user and channel toplists by type and time.
  • Automatically assign roles upon reaching specified levels.
  • Customize the bot and leveling system by changing settings like XP granted for each activity.
  • Allow users to upvote each other via a command or reactions.

Visit our website, join our support server or invite the bot and type ar!help for more info.

User Reviews


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avatar of GeheimerWolf
GeheimerWolf 26 days ago

Searched hundreds of sites here for a levelbot until I found AR - Did everything i wanted and went even beyond that part! Commands with the explanations were mostly easy to understand. Even free Voice tracking! Also the planned future updates seem pretty amazing! 6/5 would rate again!


avatar of Tangerine Girlie
Tangerine Girlie 26 days ago

A wonderful bot! With features such as tracking voice XP and being able to customize your XP, this bot already beats a lot of the competition! Other amazing features include its voting system, bonus times, and infinite levels! There's so much you can do with this bot!


avatar of LiviD
LiviD 26 days ago

Great bot. I found this bot after searching for a levelling bot, this one has more features than most and they are free. Great support and updates that you can vote for or request yourself. Commands take a bit of getting used to but all are explained well. Great for tracking user activity on your server


avatar of SuperBoss4
SuperBoss4 26 days ago

Ok so at first I was a random human being who had nothing but bad bots, and then suddenly, stompled upon this bot called "ActivityRank", It was a very complex and complicated bot, I spent an hour trying to figure it out... but couldn't as it was very new, so this is when I decided to join the bot's server, and ask how to use it? As I joined and asked for help, the creator instantaneously replied to me and helped me throughout the bot, and was then very easy, despite it being new, it gave us all the necessary needs that we always wanted, a level role system whom some bots didn't provide, a no xp channel, xp channels, suggestions that are actually taken and talked throughout by other staff, the community goes in and out to help you through your problems, staff will always reply to you in a matter of seconds. The bot started with the first "xp command" called. ar!stats, which is now ar!m stats, there's a lot more reasons to this then I can explain, though to sum it up.. - - - - - This bot is great, easy to understand once you get the hang of its commands, has an entire community willing to help you, even the creator himself will help you. Great community, great bot, powerful uses for levels, and is awesome, continue to work on it human being, and you will be awarded. [for anyone that wants to use it, I encourage you to use this bot, you'll get the hang of it quickly with its newer systems. ]


avatar of kranichkauz
kranichkauz 26 days ago

Best leveling bot out there! I tried most xp bots and this is the one i needed. A little bit complex to get started, but very straightforward when you get the hang of it. Monetization is also very user friendly.. All important features so far are free, except for optional stuff like cosmetics, quality of life things or premium support. Best support team on any support discord server i have experienced so far! Kudos to Wolf Senpai!


avatar of The_Dark_Cat
The_Dark_Cat 26 days ago

Although it might seem a bit difficult to set up, it's actually not, it becomes pretty simple once you get used to it. It's a nice activity tracking bot for your server. Text, Voice, User Reputation and more to come activities can be tracked.


avatar of Lewwy
Lewwy 23 days ago

such a easy to use rank bot, highly recommend, also if you ever need help the support server staff are great and very helpful <3


avatar of Funkirbo
Funkirbo 14 days ago

High quality bot. Does all of what MEE6 did, but not behind a paywall! Level up system is high quality stuff. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good all around bot for their server!


avatar of Farkas
Farkas 20 days ago

Bot is pretty much perfect for any server. Super simple to use, multifaceted and really customisable. This bot seriously deserves to be in 100,000s of servers at this point. All of its functions are free and not locked behind some sort of premium plan. If the worst thing about this bot is the cooldown then I think it's a gem. Thanks to all the development team! Definitely join their support server. The mods have a really fast response time and everything you need to know about the bot can be found there if you are unable to find it in the help command. Looking forward to the further development! Thanks again. 5/5!


avatar of ~ xCasper ~
~ xCasper ~ 26 days ago

Searched for AGES to find the perfect levelling and exp tracking bot and i found it! It gives amazing features and the best customization for a levelling bot!. Even if you're struggling you can either go to the support server or read the commands list on the website. Hands down the best one out there :)


avatar of FuMo
FuMo 15 days ago

Best bot for Ranks, with too much difference with the others. Activity Rank Forever!!!!


avatar of Vince
Vince 26 days ago

Great bot, has a voice chat XP feature. I don't like the commands, they are hard and don't really make sense in how they are made up. They could have made it much better by a simple command rework.


avatar of Nashie_3.30am
Nashie_3.30am 26 days ago

For me nothing was wrong, it offered a variety of options and features yet to be seen in other EXP bots which I really liked. It offers a really big customization side on most of the commands. I have seen that the bot is fairly new and is missing a lot of others great/amazing features and I am willing to wait to use the bot more. In conclusion, for me the bot at this state is really good, it is just a huge mess to understand all sort of information due to the amount of information it gives and sometimes, its complexity, but it is worth to take the time to understand how each and every command works. 9/10


avatar of Mabelyn
Mabelyn 26 days ago

ActivityRank is the best bot for a more in-depth XP leveling. It has very detailed features for stats and how XP is earned. The customization is insane! Try out the bot for yourself! You will love it!


avatar of Zeo
Zeo 26 days ago

Very customizable leveling bot! Definitely worth trying it out.


avatar of itsᴀɴɢɪᴇ
itsᴀɴɢɪᴇ 26 days ago

The best level up bot out there! Mee6 wasn’t satisfactory, and didn’t do much except level up, but then I came across ActivityRank and honestly did so much more than I was asking for. If you want to do a level up system in your server, this bot is the one!


avatar of MastroNinno
MastroNinno 26 days ago

An ESSENTIAL discord bot for big server to analyse activity stats and to see the most active members


avatar of Trych
Trych 21 days ago

I absolutely love this leveling bot! It does abdolutely EVERYTHINg mee6 devs always refused to do, you can set up event and give EXP to a single member as rewards, voice chat XP is counted as well, the weeked double XP are also easy to set up! I reccomend this bot, loving it!


avatar of ̶Ð̶α̶η̶
̶Ð̶α̶η̶ 20 days ago

The best


avatar of !A  XxlillanuraxX
!A XxlillanuraxX 14 days ago

perfect wow the best iv seen it a while would recommend!