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Fetches and embeds wiki entries and tales! Now with some moderation commands! NEW: Generate your own SCPs with AI!


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Marvs Commands

  • scp
    • used as scp x where 'x' is the entries number
    • supports random in place of 'x'
  • tales
    • used as tales title where 'title' is the entries title
    • supports partial titles like 'c-sh' will return 'c-sharp'
    • supports random in place of 'title'
  • help
    • lists the help command with information on how to use the bot
  • info
    • gives info about the bot, like server count, member count, etc
  • 001
    • lists all the 001 proposals
  • change_prefix
    • used as change_prefix x where x is the desired prefix
    • supports prefixes up to 200 characters long ( but like, why? )
  • generate
    • generate your own SCP using artificial intelligence! Used as generate x where x is a desired SCP. Example:
    • generate 281-j

I need help!

Forget your prefix? Just ping marv ( @Marv ) and he'll let you know! For everything else we have a support server setup!

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