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Every high schoolers best friend. The graphing calculator for discord.


Why not

With this bot you're able to graph til your heart is content. Use it for homework, use it draw dicks in a graph, who cares.

At this very moment the bot is limited to one command, but this command lets you get the values of an equations shows you them in a graph or table!

  • ti-calc <EQUATION>

Or use the ti-use command to learn the syntax for taking full advtange of the bot!


ti-calc 2x+5:


Pretty neato right? The entire library was built around vega and custom made by me, jpb, hi its me.

So chances are you won't find anything else like this :p

Currently supports exponent, and of course the traditional math's with x's what not


  1. more but im too lazy to write them out

Absolute value added!

Now go do your damn homework.

(Interested in using the module I made for this very bot? Check it out on NPM or check the not really docs but docs)

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