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A multipurpose Discord Bot with many useful commands and features including moderation, music, utility and more!


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GalaxyBot is a multipurpose Discord bot with many commands of any kind including commands for moderation, music, utility and even some fun games!


  • Moderation commands to manage your server and its users
  • Music commands to play music in a voice channel and manage the music session
  • Utility commands to get information for the server, users and other things
  • Some nice Minigames to have fun with
  • Server Settings configurable with the settings command
  • A Custom Permissions system to customize the permission levels for each command that require specific permissions (see Custom Permissions System below)
  • A command to save your favorite songs in a user-dedicated list to be able to easily play them without having to search for them (see Privacy Policy below)
  • Other miscellaneous useful commands


You can configure many settings for GalaxyBot, including roles for muting and jailing users and also roles to recognize staff members and users.

You can also set up channels for jailing or verifying users or where to send the bot's mod logs.

Finally, you can also find configurations for the welcoming system, the blacklisted channels (where users shouldn't use any commands) and the custom permissions.

Note: some of these settings need to be set up in order for some commands to work.

Custom Permissions System

The Custom Permissions system is a feature that, if enabled in the bot settings, allows you to fully customize the permission levels of each command that require specific permissions.

Basically, this feature enables the Helper, Moderator and Admin roles in the settings, and also the configuration for the permission levels of each command. By editing this configuration, you can set a permission level for a command which can be from 1 up to 5, which matches to the Staff (1), Helper (2), Moderator (3) and Admin (4) roles and finally the Server Owner (5).

When custom permissions are disabled, normal Discord permissions are used. (You can check your local (server) and global permission levels by using the level command).


If you are having trouble with the bot, you want to report any bugs or you simply have a question about the bot, you are welcome to join the official GalaxyBot Server to ask for support!

But if it's a long question and you simply don't want to join the server just to ask a single question, you can also contact me via email at [email protected].

Privacy Policy

Server data stored by the bot is always kept inside the respective server and will never be leaked across other servers.

User data stored by the bot is always kept private for the user and will never be leaked to other users or across other servers.

All data listed above is securely stored inside the bot's database and will only be used for functionality purposes. If the bot stores any data, it's never unnecessary.

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