A work in progress, Currently links into OpenDota API, csgo-stats API, heathstone API, and crypto APIs to get various stats and information!

You can direct message this bot to speak directly with me! I will respond as the bot, if you have suggestions or Ideas I will use the bot to communicate with you about your ideas or issues you may run into! Thanks for your interest in using my bot!

!benchmarks [hero name]
Grabs a list of benchmarks for the given hero from OpenDota!

!dota-last5 [SteamID3 (the number after U:1:)]
Returns Stats and match IDs of the given players last 5 matches!

!dota-parse [MatchID]
Submits a parse request to to parse your dota match for more stats!

Returns the prize pool for the current international for DotA 2!

!dota-replay [Match ID]
Returns a link for the player to download a replay for the given dota 2 match!

!dota-stats [MatchID]
Get some statistics about the given dota 2 matchID

!dota-top-player [hero-name]
Checks for the highest ranking player of the given hero and returns their name a link to their information on

!dota-wl [SteamID3 (the number after U:1:)]
Returns the players total wins and losses!

!dota-guild Displays current guild information for the bot creator (anyone can join!)

!gosu [MatchID]
Returns a link for the user to get more information about the given match in dota 2

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!news [SteamappID]
Checks steam for news for the given Steam AppID, then returns the latest news available with a link to read more!

!register [SteamID64] [SteamID3 (inside of brackets after U:1:1)]
Adds your steam Ids to the bot system so stats can be obtained without entering this information across all servers!

Pings the bot to check its connection speed.

!playercount [Steam appID]
Returns how many people are currently playing a game (steam players only)

Gives a bunch more info and background to the use of the register command!

Displays some stats about the bot

Returns the most recent patch notes for SuperStats bot! Better to be in the know!

Returns a link to vote for the bot on Discord Bot List!

!csgo-stats [SteamID64] (If you are not registered using the !register command)
Returns a few stats about the given account! (must not be marked as private!)

!hs-search [name of card to search for or partial name]
Returns an image of the searched card, returns only one result, some cards links will not work to display the image (working on getting them all working!)

Submits any information or ideas you may have about the bot, if you have an issue with the bot this can also be used for me to be able to get in touch with you!

removes all information the user supplied the bot with (steamID64 and steamID3 as of the time of writing!