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Brian (TTS)

A TTS bot which utilizes the StreamElements API to repeat phrases using the Brian voice.


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What is this?

This bot is a text-to-speech reader which repeats back your message using the voice of Brian (via StreamElements). This voice is popular among streamers including: xQcOW, GreekGodx, and many more.
I created this bot for people to have the opportunity of playing back their message before sending it in as a Twitch donation/cheer to ensure it sounds as planned.


Simply join a voice channel, use the *tts command followed by the text you'd like to be spoken, and the message will be played! To stop the current message, type *stop.
If you would like to suggest more features for the bot, or just leave feedback in general, feel free to use the *suggest command!
Additional commands can be viewed by running *help.

By adding the bot, you agree that it's use will be for entertainment purposes only and will in no way be used to annoy or otherwise harass the streamer. For more information, please contact me via Discord.