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A modern bot that focuses on providing an advanced moderation toolkit, levelling, a custom game mode and a large variety of utility commands


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Qubot is a modern multi-purpose Discord bot that focuses on providing an advanced moderation toolkit, server automation, a custom game mode and a large variety of utility commands.


Swift & Powerful moderation commands at the tip of your fingers

An extensive and robust moderation toolkit. This bot offers features such as an advanced message purging with filters, kick, ban/unban, softban, temporary bans, mute/unmute, temporary mutes, slowmode, user reporting, user warnings, automatic warning actions and a lot more.

The Moderation module is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. The bare minimum is needed to use the commands, yet they offer a lot of functionality from multiple user targeting, moving bot moderation actions to a separate channel (a modlog), etc.

Server Automation

Its time to remove that burden off your shoulders

A server automation module with highly customizable automated welcome and farewell member messages with the ability to designate specific channels for both.


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What is Conquest?

Conquest is an RPG-like game mode that aims to heavily utilize the social aspect of Discord. Start by creating your settlement, invite your friends over and organize attacks against other people’s settlements.

Settlement Buildings

You have the freedom to upgrade your settlement however you like, you can either turn your fort into an impenetrable fortress or your army into a hard-hitting siege weapon against enemy players.

Compete with everyone on a global scale. Who will stand victorious?

Customizable Profiles & Leveling

Customizable visual profiles with a sizable library of profile backgrounds. This module offers chat activity-based user levelling with local leaderboards for your server and role rewards that can be setup individually for each server.

Leveling is enabled by default. But worry not, if you wish to disable it, you can do so with one straightforward command. It is that simple.


A list of all commands is available on the bot's website.

You can also write q!help in one of the servers where an instance of the bot is present to bring up an introductory help message.

Support Server

Discord Support Server : If you have any inquiries, suggestions, or just want to chat, feel free to join.

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