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Frecix is an all-in-one Discord bot that encourages positive interaction in your server, and allows moderators to manage the server easier.

Frecix - The Modern Discord Bot

Frecix is an all-in-one Discord Bot that does more than just moderate your server. With new commands being released weekly, you're guaranteed to get the experience you want!

Command List

There are different categories of commands in Frecix. The list is:

  • Utilities
  • Premium
  • Moderation
  • Gamification
  • Beta
  • Fun
  • Settings


This category includes the following commands:

  • Announce

Simple announcements for your server. To set your announcements channel, use $setconf announcementsChannel [channel]

  • AFK

AFK functionality. This allows users to set their AFK status. If they are mentioned, a message will be sent with their AFK reason.

  • Botnick

Username changer functionality. This allows users to change the nickname of the bot in their guild

  • Command Stats

View the command stats for this bot, including how many total commands have been run on the bot, and how many times a specific command has been run

  • QR Codes

A QR code creator and reader! Use $createqr [text] to create a QR code, and $readqr with the QR code attached as an image to the message

  • Statistics

View the statistics for the current guild with $guildstats, or the statistics for the entire bot with $stats

  • Locale

Switch the language of the bot (currently only English supported as other languages are outdated)

  • Ping

Check the command latency for the bot, useful when you're having issues getting it to work

  • Roles

A public roles list! Add roles to this list and users can give themselves these roles

  • Verify

Guild verification! When Discord's built-in verification just isn't quite enough, this can help you out! Create a role to be assigned to verified members, and then when they react on that message, they will be assigned that role. Restrict channels that you don't want unverified members to see, so that only people with the Verified role can see them!

  • Whois

Who is that user? When did they join Discord? When did they join this particular discord server? All these questions can be answered with this handy tool! Use $whois [user] to get details on a user

  • Version

View the current version of the bot, along with release notes (when applicable)


These commands are premium commands, only available to people that have purchased a premium guild or premium user subscription.

  • Create

Create something! Whether it be emojis, channels, categories, or roles, you can create them all!

  • Lockdown

Lockdown a channel for a specified amount of time. Don't tell anyone I told you this, but to unlock a channel, simple type $lockdown release. This is available for admins only, of course ;)

  • Per-Server Blacklist

Got those annoying users that keep trying to abuse the commands? Just blacklist them! Simple use $ps-blacklist [user] (reason) to blacklist that user in your guild!

  • Subscriptions

Subscriptions! We all know those people that don't like it when you ping @everyone, so why not just make a dedicated subscriber role? They can subscribe with $subscribe, and when they're done, they can unsubscribe with $unsubscribe!

  • Team Announcements

Ever want to make an announcement to just the team, not the entire server? Simple create your own team announcements channel, and just send announcements to that channel!

  • Ignore/Unignore

Everyone has those channels where they don't want people to run bot commands. To prevent this, just ignore the commands in those channels with $ignore! If you want to let people run commands again, use $unignore


  • Mute

Sometimes there are members that just push their limits, and they need to cool off a bit. Just mute them! Specify a duration for the mute, and let them cool off.

  • Ban

Banning members is something that we don't want to do, but sometimes must be done. Choose the member, specify a reason, the number of days of messages you want to delete (maximum 7, thanks Discord) and call it good!

  • Kick

Kicking members is also something we don't always want to do, but it's a lot less harsh than banning members. Choose the member, specify the reason, and let him go.

  • Purge

Sometimes, you get people talking about things that belong in a different channel, and you don't feel like deleting every message one by one. No worries! Just purge it. Specify a number of message to purge (between 2 and 100, thanks again Discord) and watch those messages disappear!

  • Warn

User's might push their limits, but not enough to get banned or kicked. In this case, a simple warning will suffice. Oh, and did I mention? You can view a user's past warn history! Use $checkwarns [user] to view the ID's for every warn, and $checkwarns [user] [id] to view details for a specific warning


Gamification! That thing in MEE6 that everyone hates! Gamification is disabled by default. To enable it, use $setconf gamificationEnabled true. To view the current leaderboard, use $leaderboard. If you feel someone has been cheating the system, use $setpoints [user] [points] to bring them down a bit. To view your current points, use $points. To cleanup old users from the database, use $cleanup


These commands are beta commands that are open for testing, but not directly available to all beta users. To request access to beta commands, you need to join our support server and get a key. As of this moment, the current beta commands are randomuser and change


Those fun commands that help you loosen up once in a while! To get a random joke, use $joke. To get a yomamma joke, use $yomamma. To ask the magic 8ball a question, use $8ball [question]. Finally, if someone is needing some help, direct them to a lmgtfy link: $lmgtfy [url]


Manage the bot configuration! The default settings for the bot are:

  prefix: "$",
  modLogChannel: "mod-log",
  welcomerEnabled: "false",
  welcomeChannel: "welcome",
    "Say hello to {{user}}, everyone! Thanks for joining the server! There are now {{memberCount}} members in this server!",
  autoRole: "false",
  autoRoleName: "Member",
  announcementsChannel: "announcements",
  teamAnnouncementsChannel: "team-announcements",
  gamificationEnabled: "false",
  showPurgeCompletion: "false",
  removeInviteLinks: "false",
  customRules: "",
  subscriptionRole: "Subscriber",
  rulesChannel: "rules",
  locale: "en"

To adjust the configuration, use $setconf [key] [value] To view the current configuration in a pretty format, use $showconf, and to view the current configuration with the keys for editing visible, use $showconfdetails.

Sometimes, you might adjust a value wrong and screw up the configuration beyond all repair. To fix this, simply clear it with $clearconf

That's pretty much all this bot does! If you are having any issues with it, join our support server using the link above.

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