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Tulipo is a multipurpose bot ready to improve your Discord server. ¡It also has moderation, administration, music and much more!




Multiproposal bot that brings great advantages to your Discord server! Our objective? Create a bot with every feature in a single discord bot to avoid having many bots with many prefixes on the same server



Have a nice conversation and have fun talking with tulipo.

Would you rather

Funny minigame where you have to decide would you rather between 2 posible answers.

Main features

  • Beautiful configuration web panel.
  • Basic moderation commands.
  • ChatBot to talk to him and have fun.
  • Fun commands.
  • Music.
  • TTS to listen text in voice channels.
  • Lot of meme generators
  • Level system and much more.


Tulipo currently support these languages:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Catalan

What to expect

Tulipo developers are always working on it to add new features. This is the list of features that will come in the nearest future releases:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to talk to Tulipo chatbot?

You can talk just by mention it. Example: @tulipo hello, how are you?

How can I remember the prefix if I changed it and forgot it?

You can mention tulipo without text and they will respond with the current prefix. Example: @tulipo

How can i find the website for configure tulipo?

You can run tl-help command and they will send all useful links.



You can find code contributon instructions on our Comunity Edition Github repository.


For translate bot messages just click on the gitlocalized badge, then you will need to login with your github account and just select the language and open messages -> en.json file to start translating

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