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v1.19.0-beta1 Patch Notes

Shizuki is getting an entire redesign this year and we wanted to get most of the key features into this beta. Here is what's here. What's New? - New profile card design along with a new about me section! - Profile backgrounds are here, with up to 10 to choose from along with a new default background! `s!backgrounds` - The long awaited feature is finally here, AutoRoles! You can now set a role that will be given to an user when they join your server! `s!autorole set @role` - We've added mailboxes to the profile system in which will be used by us to send you all announcements and rewards. `s!mail` - We made certain server settings such as `Level Up Messages`, `AutoResponse` toggleable. - You can now see your server settings with the dedicated command `s!serversettings`. - The top role color of the user that was sniped will now be shown on the embedded message. - Edit snipes are here! The days of bypassing snipes are over. c:< - Level up messages are temporarily in embed format to prepare for a redesign into image format. - You can now gain bonus credits every time you level up! (Up to a max of 3000 credits after reaching level 30) - Emotes are a new feature we are planning to expand on with v1.19. Today we will start with introducing the excited emote! `s!excited` Bug Fixes/Improvements - The MyAnimeList search commands now give more detailed information on the specific anime or manga result. - MyAnimeList profiles are now validated before being saved. - The user info utility no longer will display your current status or game activity. - You can no longer start more than one instance of a command. - Every command now has it's own separate cooldown time. - The help command now has emotes for each section and now also contain cooldown information. There are a lot more things coming to v1.19 so stay tuned for it all!

(NOTE: This bot is currently in early development and this is subject to change in the future. Any suggestions or feedback can be given on the support server.)



  • s!help | Lists all available commands.
  • s!date | Shows the current date and time in EST.
  • s!version | Displays the current bot version info.
  • s!patchnotes | Displays the changelog for the current bot version.
  • s!invite | Sends a DM including a link to invite me to another server.
  • s!donate | Sends a DM including the bot developer's PayPal.
  • s!support | Sends you an invite link to our support discord server.


  • s!register | Creates a profile for your account.
  • s!profile [@user-optional] | Views your personal global profile card.
  • s!daily | Claims your daily amount of credits.
  • s!rep [@user] | Award someone with a rep point.
  • s!balance | Displays the user's balance in credits.
  • s!backgrounds | Customize your profile card with backgrounds!
  • s!mail | Check your mailbox for incoming messages, bot announcments, giveaways and prizes!


  • s!8ball [question] | Answers a closed-ended question.
  • s!coinflip [heads-tails] | Test your luck with a coin flip.
  • s!ratewaifu [[email protected]] | Responds with a rating from 1 to 10.
  • s!owoify [message] | OwOifies a message.
  • s!neko | Displays a cat girl :3.
  • s!kitkat [@user] | Gives an user a kitkat.


  • **s!propose [@user] | Propose to another Discord user.
  • **s!divorce | Divorces you from your current spouse.


  • s!slap [@user] | Slaps the mentioned user.
  • s!hug [@user] | Hugs the mentioned user.
  • s!kiss [@user] | Kisses the mentioned user.
  • s!pat [@user] | Pats the mentioned user.
  • s!cuddle [@user] | Cuddle with the mentioned user.
  • s!poke [@user] | Pokes the mentioned user.


  • s!excited | Displays an excited expression :D
  • s!smug | Displays a smug expression c:<

Rocket League

  • s!rlinfo | Displays the latest information about Rocket League.
  • s!rlrank | (Coming Soon)

Genshin Impact

  • s!genshininfo | Get the latest information on Genshin Impact relating to banners, events, etc.
  • s!gchars [character-name] | Get information on the characters from Genshin Impact. (Coming Soon)
  • s!gweapons [weapon-name] | Get information on the weapons from Genshin Impact. (Coming Soon)


  • s!animesearch [anime-name] | Searches the MyAnimeList database for a specific anime.
  • s!mangasearch [manga-name] | Searches the MyAnimeList database for a specific manga.
  • s!mal | Displays anime and manga stats based on your MyAnimeList profile.
  • s!setmal [username] | Sets your MAL username so you can view your profile stats.


  • s!say [message] | Broadcasts a message from the bot.
  • s!purge [amount] | Bulk deletes a set of messages at once. (2 min / 100 max | Messages sent within 14 days.)
  • s!react [message-id] [emoji-name] | Reacts to a specified message with the specified emoji.
  • s!kick [@user] [reason-optional] | Kicks an user from the server. Permissions: [Kick Members]
  • s!ban [@user] [reason-optional] | Bans an user from the server. Permissions: [Ban Members]


  • s!userinfo [@user-optional] | Displays information about the user such as ID, date of account creation, etc.
  • s!serverinfo | Displays information about the current server such as ID, time created, roles, etc.

Server Configuration

  • s!autoresponse [on/off] | Toggle on/off autoresponse.
  • s!autorole | Toggle and set an autorole for the server.
  • s!prefix set [new-prefix] OR s!prefix remove | Customize the server prefix.
  • s!lvlmsg [on/off] | Toggle on/off level up messages for the server.
  • **s!serversettings | View the current settings for the server.

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