A bot


You wont believe what this bot does! Simply type a! Fortnite, anime, music, moderation, fun, economy, ninja.

A bot is one of the most complex and sophisticated bots ever created. Not only does it send an invite url to users but it replies to all a's with b's and b's with a's. This action is both pleasing and surprising to the user as they dont expect a bot to be able to perform such complex computations. The bot is capable of 20 Wheel horse power and has 2 gears to shift in to.

  • a
  • b
  • x
  • y
  • creeper
  • ainvite


Just look at the difference A bot made in the lives of these Discord users.

The bot also utilizes an advanced anti spam system known as the discord bot rate limit. Capable of halting the most aggressive of spammers. Please consider a bot for both your wife and your server. Thank you.