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A nothin-but-simple verification bot for ROBLOX. Can be used for many purposes including verification of users in your discord server!






RVerify | The Simple ROBLOX Discord Verification Bot

Hi! I'm RVerify. Unlike most bots that verify ROBLOX accounts for your discord, I'm very simple, with just 4 commands! As soon as I'm added to your guild/server Ill give you a basic rundown on how I work, and how you can use me.

I'm very simple in the fact that I only have 4 commands.

And, you can choose to have a verified role without me spoon-feeding it to you forcefully.

Just add it yourself and Ill know exactly what to do!

Along with that, I can manage nicknames, If you wish to not have the ability for me to manage nicknames.

Simply edit my permissions- in discord! I'm very fast! I even have my own dedicated server, backend server, and ROBLOX place!

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