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Easily make elo matchmakings for any game -- such as cs:go, fortnite, rocket league and more -- with player's individual stats tracking


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This is a discord bot updated everyday which mainly features Elo matchmaking for any Team vs Team game.

  • FREE bot with UNLIMITED registrations, running 24/7
  • Very easy set up, simply write !init_elo_by_anddy and everything is already created for you ! You simply need to put Elo Admin above normal users
  • An Elo formula based on the mathematical Elo approach (like chess)
  • Possibility to implement every mode possible, you can do NvsN with differents/uniques leaderboards for every mode
  • Possibility to play ranked scrims
  • Automatization of submitting results
  • A TON of stats: elo, wins, losses, draws, ratio, current streaks, best streaks, players with who you played/won/lost/drew, graphics.
  • Easy and fast way to organize matches
  • An optional map selection where you can either let the bot pick a random map for you or you can let the players decide by voting
  • A clean design

Here is the main server to follow updates, news and join me https://discord.gg/JWSPv4HRcB My discord: Anddy#2086

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