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A simple discord bot written in Rust for notes auto-responder and message logging in an efficient way along a few other commands.






A simple discord bot written in Rust. Please keep in mind that this in an incomplete bot and has many leftover parts.

Feel free to open an issue at the github page if you have some suggestion or feature request about future development.

Some of the stuff it can do:

• User notes auto-responder.

• Message deletion and edit tracking in a efficient way with reactions.

• Server-wide username tracking which allows you to fetch previous usernames of a user.

• Fetch user status, tells you if the specified user is using discord from either web/mobile/desktop.

The bot prefix is d. So for example, you can try: dhelp and it will echo you the help panel!

To get help about a specific command you can try dhelp command-name.

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