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Create and post customizable "in character" rich embeds, RP profiles and more. Build a universe and dive into roleplaying with InCharacter!


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InCharacter is a Discord Bot that turns RP chat into rich embeds using commands for each character and style. You can also set up profiles as an author, character and so on. Additional features are available like dice rolls, and regular updates add new universe building features to allow you to better play out your characters' stories!

Watch this video showing InCharacter in action!

How to Use InCharacter

1. Type c/help anywhere to get a DM of all the latest features and how to use them for quick reference. You can use c/help in channel or DM.

2. DM the InCharacter Bot: c/character to start the prompts to create or update a character. Character commands on InCharacter are referred to as your Call. You can have as many Calls as you'd like!

3. [Optional] DM the InCharacter Bot: c/author to start the prompts to create or update your author profile. InCharacter creates a default profile for you when you make your first Call if you don't have an author profile set up yet.

4. [Optional] DM the InCharacter Bot: c/style to start the prompts to create or update a Call's styles. Call styles on InCharacter are referred to as a style Code. You can have as many Codes as you'd like for a Call!

5. Type c/[Call] [Optional:#d#] [Optional:Code] [In character text here!] to use it! InCharacter will remove your message and reply with a rich embed using the style of the [Call] used, add in a dice roll if you used #d#, overwrite any changes if you used a [Code] and put the [In character text here!] message into the description field. You now have a beautifully formatted, personalized, stylish in-character post!


Q: Can others use my characters or styles?

A: No, but Premium features allow you to permit and revoke Call use with specified Discord users, or transfer a Call ("adopt") to another Author permanently.

Q: Who can edit authors, characters and styles?

A: Only the original Author. Even if you have a shared character, only the original author can edit their profile, Calls and Codes.

Q: What's the invite for the support server?

A: https://discord.gg/BMnZvRX

Q: How can I support your work and get Premium?

A: Just voting on Top.GG regularly for now gets you the Premium commands. Subscription Premium will come at a later date when there's more interest from the public in financially supporting new development. You can donate on Patreon to help cover expenses if you'd like!

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