Ban Hammer


Ban Hammer is a great multi-purpose moderation bot great for server utilities.

Created By: D3XTER# 5992

Ban Hammer

Ban Hammer is a multi-purpose moderation bot.



help - Display the commands.

invite - Links you to the bot invite.

lookup - Lookup any user by their id.

ping - Get the Latency and the API Latency of the bot.

roleinfo - Get information about a role.

serverinfo - Get information about the server.

userinfo - Get information about a user.

uptime - Get bot uptime.

vote - Links you to the voting sites for the bot.

support - Links you to the bot support server.


ban - Ban a member.

kick - Kick a member.

lock - Lock a channel.

unlock - Unlock a channel.

mentionable - Make a role mentionable/unmentionable.

mute - Mute a member so they cannot type or speak.

unmute - Unmute a member.

muterole - Create the mute role (Mutedâ„¢)/Update the channel overides for the mute role.

purge - Delete a number of messages from a channel. (limit 100)

softban - Ban and immediate unban to delete user messages.

warn - Warn a member.


avatar - Get a users' avatar.

meme - Get a random meme.

owoify - OwOify text. (Limit 200 characters)


djs - Searches the Discord.js docs for whatever you'd like.

embed - Send an simple embed.

math - Solve a math expression.

urban - Searches the urban dictionary for whatever word you like.