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General Description

Bad Word Blocker is a simple Discord bot that will keep your server clean from bad words.

How it Works

When someone sends a message that contains a bad word, link, or phrase, Bad Word Blocker will give them 1 "strike". Moderators can make the bot perform an action- such as a timeout, kicking, or banning- when a number of strikes is reached.

NOTE: Administrators bypass the bot's filter by default. You can change this with the `settings` command.

Full Help Guide

The full help guide for the bot can be found here

How do I set it up?

1. Invite it to your server by pressing the `Invite` button above

2. That's it! It should start blocking bad words. By default, it comes with a preset bad word list, but you can change it at will with commands. (Refer to the section below.)


Bad Word Blocker uses slash commands, which means when you type a "/" in the message box, a list of commands will appear. You can execute one by selecting it from the list and running it. The most notable commands are:

blacklist - Changes what items are in the "blacklist", a list of things the bot blocks. Read more in the help guide linked above

limit - Sets a limit on the amount of strikes a member can get before they get a punishment

strikes view - View the amount of strikes a person has

strikes change - Change the amount of strikes a person has

custom - Customize the message the bot sends when it blocks a word

Bad Word Blocker Discord server

Here is the link to join the server for the bot. Please follow the rules. https://discord.gg/hzrauvY

Free to use

Bad Word Blocker is a free to use to bot. All of its features are totally free to use and will never cost money. If you like the bot, please vote for it so more people will see it.


Question: The bot gives me a strike but doesn't delete the message
Answer: Sometimes when the bot deletes a message, the person who sent the message can still see it. This is a problem in Discord. Since the bot is deleting the message so fast, your device doesn't have enough time to remove it from it's memory. Simply restarting/refreshing Discord should fix it for you.

Question: The bot is not blocking anything
Answer: Make sure that the list corresponding to what you want to block is full. For example, if you want to block links, make sure the "link list" is populated with what you want to be blocked. It also may because the bot is lacking needed permissions, or you are bypassing it if you have the Administrator permission.

Question: How do I add and remove words the bot will filter?
Answer: Like mentioned above, you can use the blacklist command.

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about 1 year ago

Very easy to bypass, using spaces in between letters, or accents. Does take care of things like dots and other non-letter characters. The dashboard doesn't seem to work, it just constantly sends me back to the authorize page? I also don't appreciate that anyone in my server can view the word list, sort of the point is to not show people the list. I like the random messages in the log, they're p ...


Bad Word Blocker

Replying to YankMyYoink

(1 year later) Everything mentioned in the review has been fixed.

Deleted User

about 1 year ago

This bot has helped me a lot by keeping my server nice and clean. It blocks lots of bypassing symbols like = + - _ ) ( * & ^ % $ # ! . ? / > . < , Not only blocking bad words but it is an all in one bot for me. It can ban, kick warn, purge, and lots more. The support server is amazing with active staff that are willing to help you. The bot is very straight to the point and easy to use. The only ...



about 1 year ago

Bad word blocker really helps. I have a lot of swearing members. Thank you so much!


Bad Word Blocker

Replying to annie

Thank you for using it!


about 1 year ago

Very straight to the point and easy to use, editable and customizable, amazing support staff and community server, accepting of suggestions and criticism.


Born In The USA

about 1 year ago

I have adapted this bot to automatically remove discord bot commands. I was using CleanChat for this but that bot is always going off-line. Bad Word Blocker is doing a great job of doing what CleanChat was supposed to do. I just excluded Bad Word Blocker from blocking comments made by the people on my discord and using it strictly to remove bot commands.



about 1 year ago

Dude, this is the best bad word to use, I really like it, I already add it on my server and it blocked many bad words XD



12 months ago

This bot is working so well.It's so good!


Bad Word Blocker

Replying to multi.

Thank you


about 1 year ago

Really good bot, help me block a lot of cuss word. It is also good for advertising, and help is always given to me as soon as possible!



3 months ago

Hey, this seems a good bot but I see one thing that needs to be fixed out. I tried a "/cleanup 3" command and it said that "This command is vote-locked. You need to have had voted for the bot at least one time this month to use it. Please press the button below to vote." So, I voted for this bot, but it repeats the same message over and over again. Please fix that and I will rate it 5 stars! Tha ... (edited)


Bad Word Blocker

Replying to Woesly

Fixed. Thanks for letting me know about it.






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