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Beyond Bot

A Beyondcoin tip bot, wallet, and rain bot for Discord.



Sample Servers

Beyond Bot

  • Send and reieve Beyondcoins to your own wallet on the bot
  • Tip others in Beyondcoin
  • Participate and host Beyondcoin giveaways and rains
  • Check the Beyondcoin blockchain status
  • Claim free Beyondcoins from the faucet (coming soon)

Commands list

Command Description Example
+register || +r Register an account +r
+profile || +p Display account information +p
+balance || +b Display your current balance +b
+deposit || +d Get your deposit address +d
+withdraw || +w Withdraw your Beyondcoins +w [address] [amount]
+tip Tip a user +tip [user] [amount]
+rain Rain Beyondcoins to users +rain [all/online/random] [amount] [usercount]
+drop Drop Beyondcoins to users that do a task +drop [phrase/react] [amount] [seconds] [phrase]
+history View your deposit, withdraw, and payment history +history [deposits/withdraws/payments]
+update || +u Update your username +u [newusername]
+invite Invite Beyond Bot to your server +invite
+donate Donate to the bot developer +donate
+notify Enable/disable rain and drop notifications +notify [on/off]
+version || +v Get the current bot and wallet information +v

If you want to support the development of Beyond Bot and Beyondcoin in general, please consider donating for some cool things on Patreon (click)

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