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A Dragon Ball based bot for claiming characters and summoning shenron and many more stuff! More coming soon!


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Bot Description

Akira is a Dragon Ball based bot which spawns random characters in chat while chatting. You can claim them and collect them. It also drops treasures in chat. You can gain Zeni by your daily rewards and once you get 200 Zeni, use them to get one random character! This is a Dragon Ball based bot, isn't it? So, How can we forget about Shenron and Dragon Balls! Dragon balls are extremely rare and there is 5% chances that you will get one from daily. Once you have collected 7 Dragon balls, use them to summon shenron! Shenron will ask you to either get 10000 Zeni or Character of choice! It's your wish what you wanna claim!

Is that all?

Of course no! There are a lot of things more to do! -

  1. You can set a character in your profile
  2. You can add characters in your favourite list
  3. You can add characters in your wishlist
  4. You can keep a track on number of characters you have claimd and number of unique characters you jhave claimed
  5. Edit your profile and add a Title, About, Birthday to make your profile look more awesome!
  6. You can customize the bot's Prefix, Spawn channel, and many more about to come!
  7. Trade your characters with other users for zeni/Dragon balls/characters!

Basic Commands -

  1. a!register - To start using the bot.
  2. a!claim {character name} To claim a character spawned in the channel. (replace {character name} with the name of character.)
  3. a!list [page no. | -name {name}] - To list all your obtained characters. (value inside [] is optional.)
  4. a!daily - To claim your daily rewards! It increases as your streak increases!
  5. a!profile [@user] - To view your profile or a user's profile.
  6. a!view {Local ID} - To view info for your claimed character. Local ID can be found in a!list command, infront of the name of the character. And alot more commands to try out! Invite and try them NOW!

Extra Information -

This bot is still under development. If you face any BUG please be sure to report it in our support server. We hope you will enjoy using this bot!

To Do List -

  • [x] Character Spawning and claiming
  • [x] Treasures spawning and claiming
  • [x] Profile update commands
  • [x] Trading system
  • [ ] Battling system
  • [x] In-Game Events

Stuffs which are not added yet will be added soon! Stay tuned and be sure to join the support server for updates!

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