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DuelBot is an Oldschool Runescape themed bot designed to allow players to emulate player-to-player combat and other fun activities.






DuelBot is a Discord-based version of the popular MMORPG, Oldschool Runescape. Battle with your friends for loot, engage in a massive bot-wide economy, and battle your way to riches on the leaderboards!

Commands categories include:
.pk | Player killing | Venture out into the wilderness in search of riches (by taking them from noobs)
.fight | Battle your friends | Engage other players in 1-on-1 combat. Winner gets a roll on the loot table!
.ge | Exchange | Buy and sell items in a global exchange!
.daily | Daily - Reap a daily reward for some gold a chance at winning an ultra rare holiday item!
.slay | Kill monsters | Level up your character for better fighting!

And so much more!

Last updated May 2021 (v1.0.4)

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