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Search your LoL match record, or runes and item build of the champion you want in discord server! Also contains other commands for LoL.


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Search League of Legends match details and other information in your LoL account!

Prefix : ' (Small Quote)


'help / 'commands

  • Show Commands.


  • Available Languages. (Currently - English, 한국어)

'guide (Champion Name)

  • Get the champion's most frequent items, runes, etc. build.


  • Get region code list.

'recent (Region Code) (LoL Nickname)

  • Get simple info of last 5 games.

'record1~5 (Region Code) (LoL Nickname)

  • Get last to 1st~5th match record.

'profile (Region Code) (LoL Nickname)

  • Find and get the player's profile like rank or live match.


  • Get the invite link that enables you to invite me in another server!

'rune (Rune Name)

  • Find and get rune info.

'champion (Champion Name)

  • Find and get champion info.

'skill (p/q/w/e/r) (Champion Name)

  • Find and get the champion's skill info.


  • Send a message to Bot Developer. You can use this to report bugs and suggest anything. (DMs Only - Right Click the bot in your server and press message)


Other commands will be added soon!

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