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The ultimate Pokemon Trading Card Game discord bot. If you've ever wanted to play Pokemon TCG but never got the chance, here's the place!


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PokeTCB Version 5.3.2 - GetNums New command: getnums This command will let you get the numbers of cards you own that match a specific filter. By default it will limit itself to showing 200 card numbers, but if you want more or less, you can adjust that limit with the &limit filter! An example of using this would be: &getnums &name centiskorch vmax For me, this will output the numbers of my centiskorch vmaxes: 27164 27323 This could be used to make deck building easier and to help with the quests that require destroying certain card rarities.

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PokeTCB - Pokemon Trading Card Bot

PokeTCB is the best Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) inspired discord bot you will ever find. But why is that?

  • Over 10000 unique cards to collect in varying rarities!
  • Global marketplace!
  • Leaderboards!
  • A friendly support server with active staff and open suggestions!
  • Battling system like the real game!
  • Highlight channels!
  • No captcha!
  • Weekly Lotto!
  • Daily Shop!
  • Teams!
  • Daily Quests!
  • Every released English set!
  • And so much more!

Come try out the bot, you will not be disappointed!

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