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Matoi-Chan is a Phantasy Star Online 2 NA bot [PSO2 NA] designed to provide useful information for current content



Matoi-Chan is a PSO2 NA bot designed to help out players by providing useful information and tools updated with the latest content currently available in North America
Some of the commands Matoi brings with her includes:

  • >help - List Commands currently available
  • >weapon - Displays details on specific weapons
  • >units - Displays details on specific units
  • >potential - Display details on specific potential
  • >list - List various things such as weapons, techniques, photon arts, etc
  • >dictionary - Translate JP PSO2 terms to NA PSO2 terms
  • >miniguide - Mini guides on various PSO2 topics
  • >pso2uq - Display upcoming and ongoing urgent quests and events in your preferred timezone
  • >uqlink - Link a channel to recieve reminders for upcoming quests and events in your preferred timezone
  • >newslink - Link a channel to recieve news updates straight from the PSO2 NA Site
  • >freshfinds - Get the current fresh find shop outfits/accessories
  • >market - Search up market prices for PSO2 Items
  • >activelink - Link a voice channel to update its name by the number of discord members online on pso2
  • cookie - Have Matoi give you a cookie cause why not

The bot is still under development and being worked on actively (A little too actively in fact) so be sure to join our support server and report any bugs, errors or incorrect information as well.

Matoi-chan exists to help new and veteran players enjoy PSO2 NA with as much ease as possible by bringing together any useful information available in the community.
As such its important that we get as much feedback as possible to help create a bot that the community has shaped themselves

Feel free to contact @PhantomPrimo#8227 if you have any questions

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