A multipurpose Discord bot moderation and fun bot.

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

Brings you a plenty of commands for moderation, action, fun, text, image, and queries.

Moderation commands (kick, ban, hackban, softban, addrole, mute, purge, and etc.) Action commands (kiss, hug, slap, stink, smile, cry, cuddle, bully, and etc.) Fun commands (toss, dice, gay, meme, hotcal, 8ball, dog, duck, cat, and etc.) Text Commands (tweet, fancify, reverse, supreme, clyde, embed, and etc.) Image Commands (deepfry, iphonex, magik, trash, jail, baguette, and etc.) Search commands (googleimage, wiki, imgur, urban, spotify lyrics, and etc.)

Many more stuffs that makes your discord experience better!!